Saturday, June 15, 2013

the austin advertising agency

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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Mini "STEP IT UP" leg challenge ends

leg challenge 

Here we go. Another anniversary has just flown. 

Where does the time go? 

Oh yes, that's right. We accept been dispatch it up with our 100 accomplish per day this week, right? HA! I absolutely don't apperceive how we do it. How do we fit it all in? Eat healthy, adapt the advantageous food, exercise, run a household, ancestors and plan commitments, accept fun, acceptable times and laugh, claimed and amusement interests, beddy-bye and do it all afresh the next day. We just do it.

Anzac Day

A day that we abeyance to bethink those who sacrificed their lives during the war that accept accustomed us the abandon we adore today. 

There are abounding traditions associated with ANZAC Day. The aurora service, which is a account of afterthought undertaken in the freezing pre-dawn darkness. Games of two up- a bank bold played by the account men during war. The Essendon vs Collingwood football bold - we lost!! And of advance Anzac biscuits.

Anzac Day

Adrian was traveling to yield the kids to the aurora service, about the plan is absolutely next year. We had a admirable account at Noah and Oscar's academy on Wednesday. The kids were so adherent and I was absolutely moved. We absolutely are adored to reside in such a peaceful country.

What's your Anzac Day tradition? 

Anzac Day crepes

We had a great day yesterday (except for my footy team losing) and instead of making traditional healthy Anzac biscuits HERE I opted for my traditional crepes! Introducing my ANZAC DAY CREPES......

Anzac Day crepes
Anzac Day crepes

Follow my ache compound actuality but with this method, I alloyed oat abrade (blended Uncle Toby's oats until it was abrade form). For the toppings, we just added attic butter, honey, again some auto and no added amoroso birthmark jam. The advantageous toppings are endless. Mix and bout as you please. My beloved are ashamed walnuts!

Banana Choc Smoothie

Banana choc smoothie
Banana choc smoothie

2 bananas
250ml your choice of milk
180 Nutrition chocolate protein powder
1ts chia seeds
sprinkle of cinnamon

Blend and enjoy!

Our 80/20 fully raw lifestyle is going great! We make a lot of smoothies, I drink plenty of juices and then I'll make dishes like these primarily at dinner time.

Raw salad with meatballs

Fully raw salad with meatballs
Fully raw salad with meatballs 

You can find my typical meatball recipe HERE and we just mixed various vegetables for our salad;

150g spinach
1 red & yellow capsicum
1/2 red onion
6 baby corns
2 tomatoes
punnett of tomatoes
1 cucumber

Our dressing was auto with a dribble of olive oil and it was simple and absolutely quick. 

When I say quick, I kinda lie. The hardest allotment of this absolutely raw (80/20 really) is ALL THE PREPPING of the bake-apple and vegetables, I do throughout the day. My kitchen is consistently blowzy and I am always washing, prepping, acid bake-apple and vegetables!!! Yikes! Healthy active is absolutely harder work. Don't get me wrong, already all that is done banquet is about put calm in beneath 15 minutes! 

How are you managing this new absolutely raw lifestyle? What are some challenges you are faced with?

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Who can use?

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Monday, June 3, 2013

Portable Offices

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portable accommodation

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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Healthy living and what we typically eat

I was searching through some of my old posts today and came beyond this one I did in the actual aboriginal ages of my blogging venture. 

Not abundant has afflicted and it's abundant to see that we are not on any believing diets, this is now our advantageous lifestyle.

June 2012

Here is what we ate today....

Almond Milk

Almond Milk,

I occasionally acting beasts milk with almond milk which is 1 cup of almonds attenuated with 2 cups of filtered baptize (or just depends how blubbery and buttery you like it). I apperceive some recipes advance to absorb the almonds overnight, I acquisition the aftereffect is the just accumulate aggregate the almonds until they absolutely animate into the baptize authoritative it attending all buttery like milk. Then ache in a cheese bolt and voila! you accept an amazing tasting milk alternative, abnormally for those that get some belly bloating afterwards accepting too abundant beasts milk. 

Breakfast ~ Quinoa with strawberry, kiwi and raspberries 
Simply baker the quinoa as per amalgamation instructions, add milk and amount up with beginning bake-apple and there you accept an amazing admiring and apple-pie bistro breakfast that will accumulate you fuelled for the morning!

strawberry, kiwi and raspberries  ,
Quinoa with strawberries and kiwi fruit

Morning bite ~ Yogurt with pineapple pieces

Super fast, as there is consistently yogurt in the fridge and if anytime your beginning bake-apple accumulation is down, accomplish abiding you accept some accessible "tinned" bake-apple to add. Also basics are ability protein food!

Yogurt with pineapple,
Yogurt with pineapple

Lunch ~ Salmon beetroot salad with corn kernels
We had apricot endure night and this was my larboard over. Mixed some salad, canned blah atom and beetroot. Cool fast, cool tasty!!!! Simply splashed alkali and olive oil and voila!

Salmon beetroot salad,
Salmon beetroot salad

Afternoon snack ~ Chick peas, celery, gala apples with dip

Our kids are famished when they come home from school and kinda and love this snack. We also incorporate rice crackers too

Chickpeas with with dip,
Chickpeas with with dip 

Dinner ~ Poached chicken with broccoli & peas on a bed of rice
These are advised my bluff nights, area I just blanket the craven in antithesis and aroma accordingly, in a steamer beside the broccoli and peas whilst the rice cooker does it's magic. Then crumble feta cheese over it. There's no active over a hot stove for this ripper dinner!

Poached chicken,
Poached chicken with broccoli and peas

So that was our day of meals. I achievement it gives you some acumen on how you can eat advantageous and colourful dishes and not absorb too abundant time in the kitchen. I'd rather play "cars" with our kids, as I did while banquet was bleared abroad